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ADQ is a sustainable investor with a strategic focus on delivering financial returns and impact for Abu Dhabi.

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Delivering sustainable returns for Abu Dhabi

ADQ is an Abu Dhabi-based investment and holding company mandated to accelerate the transformation of the Emirate into a knowledge-based economy. As an asset owner and a sustainable investor, ADQ seeks out compelling opportunities across economic clusters that are critical to realizing Abu Dhabi’s economic vision, including Energy & Utilities, Food & Agriculture, Healthcare & Life Sciences and Transport & Logistics.

ADQ is focused on creating long-term value through strategic investments, driving asset transformation, and a commitment to a performance-driven culture.

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Contribution to Abu Dhabi's non-oil GDP in 2023


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Charting ADQ’s contributions to Abu Dhabi’s economic transformation

Incorporated in 2018, ADQ's journey is just beginning.

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ADQ’s portfolio

We develop cluster ecosystems and support the growth of our portfolio companies by harnessing their strengths to create long-term value and support the continued diversification of Abu Dhabi’s economy.

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Our clusters - 1/7

Energy &

As global demand for energy increases, governments and businesses are increasingly taking action to steep decarbonization targets. Going forward, the energy mix is projected to shift considerably.

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Food & Agriculture
Our clusters - 2/7

Food &

Enhancing resilience in food supply has become ever more important, with the ongoing climate change crisis impacting food security across the globe. ADQ is building national champions and investing in regional and international businesses that can, together, establish the foundation for food security in the UAE and the wider region.

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Healthcare & Life Sciences
Our clusters - 3/7

Healthcare &
Life Sciences

The healthcare system in the UAE has significantly evolved over the past 50 years. ADQ is building a provision-centered digitally enhanced healthcare and life sciences ecosystem that is anchored in world-class clinical excellence.

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Transport & Logistics
Our clusters - 4/7

Transport &

Located at the crossroads of East and West, the UAE is at the intersection of trade routes between Asia, Africa, and Europe. Through its strategic investments in assets from ports to airlines, ADQ is playing a vital role in deepening Abu Dhabi’s connectivity with the rest of the world.

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Financial Services
Our clusters - 5/7


A world-class financial services ecosystem and robust capital markets are an integral part of a globally competitive and diversified economy.

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Tourism, Entertainment & Real Estate
Our clusters - 6/7

Tourism, Entertainment
& Real Estate

Tourism, hospitality and ancillary services play a vital role in shaping  Abu Dhabi’s engagement with stakeholders from around the world. In addition to driving excellence in tourism, ADQ is making strategic investments in the entertainment and real estate sectors to leverage compelling market opportunities. 

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Sustainable Manufacturing
Our clusters - 7/7


As part of the UAE’s long-term ambitions to create a competitive economy, the nation is actively seeking to expand its industrial base and strengthen its domestic manufacturing capabilities.

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Energy & Utilities
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ADQ's 5-Year Report

Five years after our inception in 2018, we look back on the first chapter of our journey as a long-term investor, an asset owner and a go-to partner for the Government of Abu Dhabi.

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