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Cultivating The Future Of Food, Bolstering Food Resilience

Food and agriculture are at a critical inflection point. A robust food system is a key ingredient for the UAE’s sustainable economic development. Rising populations, and changing consumer demand, while mitigating global climate change have raised the stakes for food and agriculture. The UAE recognizes the importance of a robust food system. To nourish the UAE’s future generations and ensure a resilient food system, we require new levels of collaboration and communication among key players.

Continuing to expand the role of the UAE as a regional and global food hub

Resetting the framework for the UAE’s food system will require ramping up local production, strengthening the program to diversify imports, creating powerful international partnerships, and positioning the UAE as a regional food hub.

Smart tech-driven investment

Storage or cold-chain infrastructure can optimise processes to minimise food waste, supported by efficient transport, underpinned by digitalisation. Investment in advanced storage infrastructure will develop the UAE’s food & agriculture innovation ecosystem and cultivate diversified food items.

Minimising food waste and educating the community

Most food waste occurs at during the production process or at the point of consumption. A coordinated response in the supply chain reduces food waste effectively. Guidance and education are important for consumers to understand the implications of food waste and how to eliminate it.

Buying local “Made in the UAE”

“Made in the UAE” needs to evoke pride and appreciation among local consumers. Encouraging consumers to support local farmers and purchase locally sourced food contributes to self-sufficiency. Carefully designed labelling and packaging, incentives, and educating shoppers will help influence and motivate consumers to buy local.

Cultivating The Future Of Food, Bolstering Food Resilience

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