Redefining Regional Pharma

The UAE has become a regional hub for the pharmaceutical industry and created an environment conducive to sustainable growth. Discover the key opportunities and investments for enhancing regional pharmaceutical capacity to advance affordable, quality medication and innovative treatments in our paper, ‘Redefining Regional Pharma’.
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The global pharmaceutical industry is becoming agile, resilient and unlocking value like never before

The global pharmaceutical industry is increasingly realizing the value of a more agile and resilient supply chain model. The UAE has positioned itself as a regional hub for the pharmaceutical industry and created an environment conducive to sustainable growth. To ensure the UAE’s pharmaceutical industry reaches its full potential, establishing a life sciences R&D ecosystem, developing biotech and life sciences parks, and increasing manufacturing capabilities will be among the critical components.

Drive collaboration among stakeholders

Bilateral relationships need to continue to be leveraged to foster investment in clinical research that addresses local and regional healthcare needs. By establishing cooperation between the public and private sectors and academia, public health programs and research can be more robust.

Establish a robust life sciences R&D ecosystem

The UAE’s knowledge-based economy will be instrumental for accelerating R&D and the production of novel and innovative medicines and vaccines. Progressive technologies, such as gene and cell therapies and genome editing, that help to address critical therapeutic areas have attracted investments globally.

Develop UAE-based biotech and life sciences parks

Biotech companies are essential for the research and development of novel medical breakthroughs that help sustain the pharmaceuticals industry. KIZAD’s Life Sciences Park, a purpose-built R&D hub for life sciences, biotechnology and vaccine production, is home to a number of leading companies.

Increasing the UAE’s manufacturing capabilities

As the UAE’s pharma sector covers only 5% of local consumption, there is opportunity for growth. Robust measures are in place to increase local manufacturing volumes through the Basic Industries project and various incentives to decrease set up and operational costs. This will significantly increase production over the medium term.

Capture the use of cutting-edge technologies

Technological advances offer the potential for the UAE to reduce its reliance on importing medical equipment and products. For example, UAE universities are exploring the potential for 3D printing. Two Mechanical Engineering students from Khalifa University presented a lower limb prosthetic manufactured using 3D printing at Innovator 2020 in Abu Dhabi, which costs less than $1,000 to print and can be produced in 48 hours.

Grow a highly skilled talent pool within two years

The complexity of pharmaceuticals and life sciences elevates the importance of having a deep talent pool. DoH recently announced a collaboration with Pfizer to train up to 150 clinical researchers within two years. In addition, the UAE has launched the “Projects of the 50” initiative that aims to bring 10,000 UAE Nationals into the medical field in the next five years via scholarships in various healthcare disciplines.

Redefining Regional Pharma

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