ADQ paper sets out opportunities to redefine regional pharma and enhance local competitiveness in the UAE


  • New ADQ FWD paper identifies the cornerstones of success to enhance regional pharmaceutical capacity to advance affordable, quality medication and innovative treatments
  • Drivers include growing the talent pool, biotech and life sciences parks, increasing manufacturing capabilities, building a pharma R&D ecosystem and incentives

ADQ, an Abu Dhabi-based investment and holding company, today launched its ADQ FWD paper that explores the opportunities and investments that will position the UAE to become a leading regional pharma manufacturing hub.

The paper, Redefining Regional Pharma, focuses on how the nation can reach its full potential to increase regional pharmaceutical capacity and create seamless access to affordable medications and innovative treatments.

The paper identifies six cornerstones of success to enable the UAE to capture pharma growth opportunities in the region:

  1. Drive collaboration among stakeholders: Byestablishing cooperation between the public and private sectors and academia, public health programs and research can be more robust
  2. Establish a robust life sciences R&D ecosystem: The UAE’s knowledge-based economy will be instrumental for accelerating R&D and the production of novel and innovative medicines and vaccines
  3. Develop UAE-based biotech and life sciences parks: Building a purpose-built R&D hub for life sciences, biotechnology and vaccine production
  4. Increase the UAE’s manufacturing capabilities: Progressing the Basic Industries Project with investment into industrial areas that promote self-sufficient production of basic and consumer commodities
  5. Capture the use of cutting-edge technologies: Bilateral relationships need to be further leveraged to foster investment in clinical research that addresses healthcare needs
  6. Grow a highly skilled talent pool: Nurturing diverse skillsets in various healthcare disciplines to develop homegrown talent and expertise

We are deploying capital to build a pharma hub that further strengthens the UAE’s regional leadership in the industry. As we invest in expanding capabilities, deepening the talent pool and increasing manufacturing drugs locally, we are helping to redefine the regional pharma landscape. This paper emphasizes the importance we place on ensuring that our community has access to essential pharmaceuticals for the long-term, which is one of the key aspects of our commitment to being a sustainable investor.

Fahad Al Qassim, Executive Director, Healthcare & Life Sciences, ADQ

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