Healthcare & Life Sciences

The global hub for progressive healthcare and life sciences

Abu Dhabi is home to globally renowned healthcare institutions and pharmaceutical companies, built to support the well-being of a growing population. ADQ’s portfolio companies leverage technology to shape the future of healthcare while keeping patient-centered care, diagnostics and clinical excellence at their core.

Largest and most comprehensive healthcare network in the UAE
Second largest regional pharma player in MENAT (excluding global scale MNCs)
Hospitals owned and/or operated
Clinics across the UAE

Pure Health

Pure Health is an integrated healthcare solutions provider dedicated to empowering healthcare systems and improving the business of healthcare. Pure Health partners with hospitals, integrated healthcare systems, healthcare suppliers, the federal government, and others across the spectrum of care to build healthier organizations that deliver better care to patients in every setting.
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What we stand for


Arcera is a global company operating in the life sciences sector, with its headquarters located in Abu Dhabi. Arcera’s vision is to bridge investment, talent and expertise to become a leader in addressing and mitigating healthcare challenges by offering products that improve the quality and longevity of human life while fostering sustainable growth.
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What we stand for

Building an integrated healthcare platform

In 2022, ADQ merged its healthcare operations into Pure Health, creating the UAE’s largest digitally enabled healthcare provision platform. Organizations that comprise Pure Health include Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), The National Health Insurance Company PJSC (DAMAN), Tamouh Healthcare, Yas Clinic Group and Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center.

Pure Health showcases a diverse portfolio of hospital management, laboratory services, medical supplies and healthcare informatics. It is built to drive a patient centered ecosystem in the UAE, underpinned by clinical excellence, through elevated services, optimized healthcare spend and improved efficiencies across the value chain.

Laboratories available across the UAE
Hospital beds
Only central healthcare procurement in the UAE

Building a cutting-edge regional life sciences platform

ADQ is creating a regional life sciences platform that caters to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and other growth markets, including Turkey, South Africa, CIS and Latin America.

Through our strategic investments and acquisitions, we are expanding access to critical acute care and chronic care medicines. ADQ’s life sciences platform now serves doctors, patients, pharmacies and provides multinational pharmaceutical companies with a wide range of medicines and services across various therapeutic areas and dosage forms such as oral solids, liquids, capsules, and sterile injectables, with broader access to more complex medicines such as biosimilars.

Wide global presence, with a focus on growth markets
Pharma manufacturing facilities across countries including Switzerland and the UAE
1.5 bn
Annual sterile injectables unit capacity

Establishing a global life sciences powerhouse anchored in Abu Dhabi

In 2024, ADQ consolidated its shareholdings in Acino International, Birgi Mefar Group and Amoun Pharmaceutical Company to establish Arcera, a global life sciences powerhouse. Arcera is poised to make significant contributions to realizing Abu Dhabi’s 2030 Healthcare Life Sciences Vision and bolster the UAE’s aspiration to emerge as a frontrunner in science and technology.

By advancing innovation, research and development in the life sciences sector, Arcera aims to become the partner of choice for pioneering academic institutions and leading pharmaceutical companies in Abu Dhabi and around the globe.

An operational footprint spanning over 90 countries across four continents
Branded medicines addressing acute and chronic conditions across various therapeutic areas
Robust manufacturing and packaging bases located in seven countries worldwide
Combined workforce of over 6,500 skilled and dedicated individuals

Pioneering biotech capabilities

The UAE has positioned itself as a regional hub for the pharmaceutical industry and created an environment conducive to sustainable growth. To support our nation’s pharmaceutical industry to reach its full potential, we are optimizing our current pharmaceutical investments to help establish a robust life sciences R&D ecosystem, grow a highly skilled talent pool, and increase domestic manufacturing capabilities.

Developing a wellness platform

Complementing traditional medicines, ADQ is developing a wellness and alternative medicine platform. Natural therapies and alternative medicine will promote preventative healthcare and help reduce pressure on the healthcare system while encouraging healthier lifestyles.

Water with person

Creating a holistic animal health platform

Beyond human health, we have broadened our focus to create an animal health ecosystem that enables Abu Dhabi to become a regional hub for animal medication and care. By building a cutting-edge animal vaccine manufacturing facility and a complex with two state-of-the-art equine and camel hospitals, we aim to cover the full spectrum of animal healthcare provisioning serving the Middle East and Africa region, from veterinarian services and medicines to insurance and vaccinations that stave off diseases such as avian influenza, foot and mouth disease and equine influenza.