Digital transformation

Driving digital transformation across our portfolio to accelerate value creation

We are actively enabling Abu Dhabi’s vision to become a digitally enabled economy. We partner and work with the management teams of our portfolio companies to build national, regional and global champions that can help deliver this vision. In doing so, we are spearheading digital investments that will drive topline growth and productivity, improve competitiveness and enhance the sustainability and financial performance of our companies for the long-term.

digital strategies to drive growth

We create digital strategies to provide our portfolio companies with the framework they need to effectively increase their digital maturity level, drive growth and strengthen productivity.

To achieve this, we work closely with our companies to instill a digital mindset that can adapt to changing customer preferences, innovate our products and services, and deliver complex operations. We also defined a Cloud and Data strategy to support the delivery of our digital transformation. This will generate commercial and operational improvements, enable more advanced data-enabled use-cases and analytics opportunities, and drive cost savings and more efficient ways of working. This comes with having strong digital capabilities, talent, and leadership with the right awareness and knowledge in the latest advanced technologies to support the execution of our strategies.

Reshaping strategies to drive
growth and nurture digital talent

We are committed to increasing the digital maturity of our portfolio companies. To achieve this, we work closely with our assets to instill a digital mindset and create digital strategies and frameworks that increase innovation and adaptability to changing customer preferences. We have defined a Cloud and Data strategy to support the delivery of our digital transformation.

Establishing digital leadership is critical to our future success. By providing support to the Boards and executive teams of our portfolio companies, we are empowering leaders to execute our long-term digital transformation strategy. We have formed a digital community comprising leaders from across the ADQ portfolio to exchange professional experiences and discuss digital transformation programs that drive value. We also deliver dedicated digital awareness programs for board members and the portfolio’s leadership to enhance investment decisions and unlock digitalization opportunities.